Our Investments

Our investments are made strategically to ensure our portfolio companies grow and appreciate in value. Our portfolio companies span across the Agriculture, Commodities, Logistics and other business sectors. We are also always on the lookout for even more undiscovered opportunities to bring greater value to bolster business success.

Agriculture, F&B

We have invested in a company in Singapore with operations in China focused on retailing fresh produce through retail shops, online and wholesale channels. We also invested in the e-commerce arm of an esteemed local fruit retailer. We have also provided funds for a top international exporter of processed seafood products based in China, while also investing a Chinese operation that specializes in farmland development and improvement.


We developed a business relationship with an Indonesia-based outfit focused on nickel mining that enjoys their own nickel concessions. We also worked with another mining business operating out of Gansu which processes vanadium for use in the automotive and aerospace sectors. We have supported a key industry player in the offshore and marine value chain segment to boost their vessel sales and their offshore rig and supply chain management service arm. We also found opportunity in a specialist factory that refines brown coal.

Finance and Tourism

Our funds were also invested into a Singapore-Malaysia pawnbroking company that also retails and trade pre-owned jewelry and gold. We also invested in a micro-financial service based in China. Within the tourism sector, we funded an innovative travel agency in Singapore created to meet consumer travel needs through an online platform supported by a specialized call centre.


Our investments also cover business in the industrial sector. We invested with a leading company specializing in the industrial upkeep for thermal power plants. We also supplied funds to the boost the operations of the producer of China’s first 8-speed auto transmission system for automobiles. Other industrial segments we invested include an energy conservation specialist focused on security, fire prevention and HVAC management for buildings.


As efficient logistics become increasingly relevant, we explored financing logistics companies that have in-house design, engineering and construction capabilities serving premium industrial facilities and providers that offer fourth party logistics systems with value-added logistics management services. Our explorations also include the China market where we work with the government approved, centrally supervised Customs Logistics Center located within the Dongshan Central Fishery Port Economic Zone.

Pharmaceuticals and Technology

The pharmaceutical industry is rapidly growing. We have placed funds within a fully integrated pharmaceutical oriented business, which has well established R&D capabilities alongside efficient manufacturing and distribution operations. Technology is ubiquitous in our everyday lives and the industry is enjoying record growth. We are proud to include companies that enable businesses in the travel and hotel sectors to increase their competitive edge by taking their business online, develop mobile applications and advertising platforms, as well as a company that design and delivers realtime intelligent transport systems.

Other Industries

Besides the key industries outlined, our funds also are invested in an advanced and modern business providing ready-to-assemble furniture. We also invested with an outstanding commercial real estate corporation focused on the regeneration and reconstruction of conservation areas and cities.